Located in Bangalore, Sterile Water India is a leading manufacturer, wholesaler & distributor of water purifying solutions like Domestic Water Purifier, Swiss Water Purifier, Water Purification Plant, Water Softener, Industrial Water Purifier, and Water Treatment Plants
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Company Profile

Sterile Water (India) Pvt Ltd was established in 2010 in Bangalore(India), and has been carrying out its operations as manufacturer, and distributor/wholesaler of water purifiers & water purifying products of different types. These ultraviolet water purifiers & water purification solutions have been designed with expertise for impart excellent functioning throughout water processing for providing pure and clean water output. Our water purifiers are specially design for domestic and commercial purpose. Water plays a very important role in life. Almost process from pharmaceuticals industry, food products industry, etc along with general domestic purposes, clean water is a must requisite. To ensure the water used for all these purposes is clean and pure we have designed and fabricated several water purification solutions for industries as well as home usage. Our range of solutions comprise of Water Purifier, RO Water Purifier, Water Softener, Water Purification Plant, Water Treatment Plants, and Industrial Water Purifier, Industrial RO Water Purifier. The quality, performance and operational capability of these systems is relied and trusted by several of our clients. Expertise: We have expertise in manufacturing water purification systems and water treatment plants for different industries as well as domestic usage. We check and inspect each and every aspect of the systems and plants throughout the production/fabrication process to ensure flawless and finest output is provided to the clients. We, Sterile Water (India) Pvt Ltd, have expert professional associated with us who know dos and don’ts of water treatment processes. They ensure no compromises are made over products’ quality and performing capability. Also, we are equipped with advanced technology equipments/machineries for giving designs shape and deliver precision engineered products. Even, we constantly upgrade technological support in order to remain abreast with the changing market trends / customer demands. Effects of Chemical Contaminants on Human Body Different chemical contaminants present in drinking water affect human body adversely

  • Boron: affects nervous system:
  • Mercury: affects brain and nervous system
  • Chloride: together with sodium, results in increase of blood pressure
  • Lead: hinders mental and physical growth of children, resulting in anaemia and damages kidneys in adults.
  • Nitrate: causes blue-baby syndrome in infants (methamoglobinaemia)
  • Pesticides: lead to cancer, damage nervous system and reproductive system, & severely damage immune system
  • Fluoride: causes discoloration and damage of teeth
  • Sodium: causes more damage to people who already suffer from diseases of heart, kidney and blood circulation
  • Iron: causes aggravation in diseases of stomach
  • Cadmium: causes adverse effect on bones
  • Sulphate: together with Magnesium causes diarrhoes
  • Arsenic: Causes skin diseases and cancer
  • Fluoride: causes fluorosis, deformities in bones and problem in joints
Unique Features of SWIS RO+UV An ISO 9001:2008 Certified company & Member of Water Quality Association
  • Double Water Purification by RO+UV with Auto Flush Timer (AFT)
  • Modern style body for protection from insects, dust, and moisture.
  • Appropriate for all types of Water such as Bore Well water, Storage Water, Municipal / Corporation Tap Water, River Water, etc.
  • Enhance water’s taste by removing unwanted heavy salts.
  • Built-in SMPS for stabilizing voltage between 140V-260V
  • Desk top or Wall mounted design with built-in storage tank; saves space in kitchen
  • Provides purified mineral water of bottled quality standards yet made at home.
  • All Sterile Water India products come with premium quality RO Membranes directly imported and tested by reliable companies such as DOW Chemicals (U.S.A) and SEAHAN Industries (Korea).
  • Uses high grade sediment filters and activated carbon filters having longer life
  • Incorporated push-fit fittings for leak free performance and much longer life.
  • ISO 9001:2000, BVQI, NSF, CCEL & WCTS Certified parts and spares are utilized.
  • Auto Reject Water Shut-Off: I

Business Type : Manufacturer,Retailer,Trader,Distributor,Wholesaler & Dealer
Year Established : 2010
Annual Sales : Below US$1 Million (Upto Rs. 4 Crore approx.)
Total Employees : 11 to 25 People


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